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  1. Research

    Perspectives of urban Ghanaian women on vasectomy

    Advocacy for male involvement in family planning has been championed over the years after the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). There are a few contraceptive methods for men, ...

    Ofeibea Asare, Easmon Otupiri, Joana Apenkwa and Rose Odotei-Adjei

    Reproductive Health 2017 14:21

    Published on: 8 February 2017

  2. Study protocol

    A study protocol for facility assessment and follow-up evaluations of the barriers to access, availability, utilization and readiness of contraception, abortion and postabortion services in Zika affected areas

    The Zika virus epidemic in Latin America has elicited official recommendations for women to delay or avoid pregnancy in affected countries, which has increased demand for family planning services. It is likely...

    Moazzam Ali, Rachel Folz, Kelsey Miller, Brooke Ronald Johnson and James Kiarie

    Reproductive Health 2017 14:18

    Published on: 2 February 2017

  3. Study protocol

    Study protocol on establishment of sentinel sites network for contraceptive and abortion trends, needs and utilization of services in Zika virus affected countries

    ZIKV(Zika Virus) during pregnancy can result in many adverse events such as fetal deaths or newborns with congenital abnormalities including microcephaly and other neural irregularities. Due to these harmful o...

    Moazzam Ali, Kelsey Miller, Rachel Folz, Brooke Ronald Johnson and James Kiarie

    Reproductive Health 2017 14:19

    Published on: 2 February 2017

  4. Research

    Women’s knowledge and associated factors in preconception care in adet, west gojjam, northwest Ethiopia: a community based cross sectional study

    Preconception care is the provision of biomedical, behavioural and social health interventions to women and couples before the occurrence of conception to improve their health status. There is poor maternal an...

    Yitayal Ayalew, Amlaku Mulat, Mulugeta Dile and Amare Simegn

    Reproductive Health 2017 14:15

    Published on: 25 January 2017

  5. Review

    Are men well served by family planning programs?

    Although the range of contraceptives includes methods for men, namely condoms, vasectomy and withdrawal that men use directly, and the Standard Days Method (SDM) that requires their participation, family plann...

    Karen Hardee, Melanie Croce-Galis and Jill Gay

    Reproductive Health 2017 14:14

    Published on: 23 January 2017

  6. Research

    Sexual and reproductive health services utilization by female sex workers is context-specific: results from a cross-sectional survey in India, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa

    Female sex workers (FSWs) are extremely vulnerable to adverse sexual and reproductive health (SRH) outcomes. To mitigate these risks, they require access to services covering not only HIV prevention but also c...

    Yves Lafort, Ross Greener, Anuradha Roy, Letitia Greener, Wilkister Ombidi, Faustino Lessitala, Jolene Skordis-Worrall, Mags Beksinska, Peter Gichangi, Sushena Reza-Paul, Jenni A. Smit, Matthew Chersich and Wim Delva

    Reproductive Health 2017 14:13

    Published on: 19 January 2017

  7. Research

    Mistreatment of women during childbirth in Abuja, Nigeria: a qualitative study on perceptions and experiences of women and healthcare providers

    Global efforts have increased facility-based childbirth, but substantial barriers remain in some settings. In Nigeria, women report that poor provider attitudes influence their use of maternal health services....

    Meghan A. Bohren, Joshua P. Vogel, Özge Tunçalp, Bukola Fawole, Musibau A. Titiloye, Akinpelu Olanrewaju Olutayo, Modupe Ogunlade, Agnes A. Oyeniran, Olubunmi R. Osunsan, Loveth Metiboba, Hadiza A. Idris, Francis E. Alu, Olufemi T. Oladapo, A. Metin Gülmezoglu and Michelle J. Hindin

    Reproductive Health 2017 14:9

    Published on: 17 January 2017

  8. Research

    Utilization of mobile phones for accessing menstrual regulation services among low-income women in Bangladesh: a qualitative analysis

    As many as one-third of all pregnancies in Bangladesh are unplanned, with nearly one-half of these pregnancies ending in either menstrual regulation (MR) or illegal clandestine abortion. Although MR is provide...

    Chelsea Jordan Messinger, Ilias Mahmud, Sushama Kanan, Yamin Tauseef Jahangir, Malabika Sarker and Sabina Faiz Rashid

    Reproductive Health 2017 14:7

    Published on: 14 January 2017

  9. Research

    Maternal health care service seeking behaviors and associated factors among women in rural Haramaya District, Eastern Ethiopia: a triangulated community-based cross-sectional study

    Regular utilization of maternal health care services reduces maternal morbidity and mortality. This study assessed the maternal health care seeking behavior and associated factors of reproductive age women in ...

    Dereje Kifle, Telake Azale, Yalemzewod Assefa Gelaw and Yayehirad Alemu Melsew

    Reproductive Health 2017 14:6

    Published on: 13 January 2017

  10. Research

    A qualitative study of women’s and health providers’ attitudes and acceptability of mistreatment during childbirth in health facilities in Guinea

    Reducing maternal morbidity and mortality remains a key health challenge in Guinea. Anecdotal evidence suggests that women in Guinea are subjected to mistreatment during childbirth in health facilities, but li...

    Mamadou Diouldé Balde, Abou Bangoura, Boubacar Alpha Diallo, Oumar Sall, Habibata Balde, Aïssatou Sona Niakate, Joshua P. Vogel and Meghan A. Bohren

    Reproductive Health 2017 14:4

    Published on: 13 January 2017

  11. Research

    Perceptions and experiences of the mistreatment of women during childbirth in health facilities in Guinea: a qualitative study with women and service providers

    Every woman is entitled to respectful care during childbirth; so it is concerning to hear of informal reports of mistreatment during childbirth in Guinea. This study sought to explore the perceptions and exper...

    Mamadou Diouldé Balde, Boubacar Alpha Diallo, Abou Bangoura, Oumar Sall, Anne Marie Soumah, Joshua P. Vogel and Meghan A. Bohren

    Reproductive Health 2017 14:3

    Published on: 11 January 2017

  12. Research

    Challenges and strategies for sustaining youth-friendly health services — a qualitative study from the perspective of professionals at youth clinics in northern Sweden

    Youth-friendly health-care services — those that are accessible, acceptable, equitable, appropriate and effective for different youth subpopulations – are beneficial for youth health, but not easy to implement...

    Suzanne Thomée, Desiré Malm, Monica Christianson, Anna-Karin Hurtig, Maria Wiklund, Anna-Karin Waenerlund and Isabel Goicolea

    Reproductive Health 2016 13:147

    Published on: 21 December 2016

  13. Research

    Fertility awareness and attitudes towards parenthood among Danish university college students

    Postponing parenthood has steadily increased during the past decades in Western countries. This trend has affected the size of families in the direction of fewer children born per couple. In addition, higher m...

    Nina Olsén Sørensen, Signe Marcussen, Mette Grønbæk Backhausen, Mette Juhl, Lone Schmidt, Tanja Tydén and Hanne Kristine Hegaard

    Reproductive Health 2016 13:146

    Published on: 13 December 2016

  14. Research

    Schoolgirls’ experience and appraisal of menstrual absorbents in rural Uganda: a cross-sectional evaluation of reusable sanitary pads

    Governments, multinational organisations, and charities have commenced the distribution of sanitary products to address current deficits in girls’ menstrual management. The few effectiveness studies conducted ...

    Julie Hennegan, Catherine Dolan, Maryalice Wu, Linda Scott and Paul Montgomery

    Reproductive Health 2016 13:143

    Published on: 7 December 2016

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