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Table 3 Percentage distribution of Wolaita Sodo University students, who have never had intercourse, by primary reason for remaining sexually abstinent June, 2010

From: Predictors of sexual abstinence among Wolaita Sodo University Students, South Ethiopia

Reason Percent Males (N=278) Females (N=72)
I want to wait until I’m older or married 30.0% 23.7%* 52.2%
My religious values are against it. 37.7% 36.3%* 41.1%
I don’t want the risk of pregnancy or disease. 23.1% 29.1%* 2.0%
My parents’ values are against it. 2.6% 3.2%* 2.0%
Others** 6.6% 7.6% 2.8%
  1. ** Others include cultures, friends approval etc.
  2. *Difference between males and females is significant at p≤.001.