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Table 3 Psychological violence among married women in the reproductive age in Fagitalekoma woreda, Awi zone, North Western Ethiopia, March, 2011

From: Domestic violence and its predictors among married women in reproductive age in Fagitalekoma Woreda, Awi zone, Amhara regional state, North Western Ethiopia

Types of psychological violence Frequency Percent
Jealous or angry if she talk to other men 406 59.5%
Insisted knowing where the women at all time 388 56.9%
Insulted by their husband using abusive language 348 51.0%
Threatened by an object like stick, belt, gun or other weapon 160 23.5%
Create financial hardship or not trust her 139 20.4%
Frightened their husband by looking angrily at her 226 33.1%
Expressed suspicion or accuses him that he is unfaithful 140 20.5%
Ignored or shown in difference 127 18.6%
Deprived privilege in the family 89 13.0%
Denied by their husband on their basic personal needs 94 13.8%
Intentionally makes not involved on decision making 95 13.9%
Belittled or humiliated them in front of others 87 12.8%
Done things to scare or intimidate them purposely 185 27.1%
Restricted from going to their parent’s, relative or workshops 191 28.0%
  1. ** Multiple response were possible.