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Table 3 Research priorities for preterm outcomes related to preconception

From: Born Too Soon: Care before and between pregnancy to prevent preterm births: from evidence to action

• Maintain and expand global databases on the prevalence of preconception risk factors and incidence of preterm birth
• Develop indicators to evaluate progress in scaling up coverage of preconception care
• Evaluate impact of preconception care programs on rates of preterm birth and other adverse pregnancy outcomes
• Basic science research on preconception risk factors for preterm birth
• Develop and test screening tool to assess risk of preterm birth based on risk factors in the preconception period
• Develop ways to increase demand for and access to preconception interventions
• Define and test preconception care guidelines and intervention packages
• Explore means to integrate effective preconception interventions into broader programs and initiatives
• Adapt effective interventions to maximize uptake by adolescents
• Improve health systems -- including infrastructure, management, distribution of goods and training of providers -- to deliver preconception care