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Table 2 Coverage levels of key interventions, pregnant women in labour, 24 to 34 weeks, after 3 hours in the hospital, World Health Organization 18 country study

From: Born Too Soon: Care during pregnancy and childbirth to reduce preterm deliveries and improve health outcomes of the preterm baby

Intervention All countries* Mexico
Antenatal corticosteroids 56.4% 53.8%
Tocolytic agents   
   Beta mimetics 15.8% 8.2%
   Calcium channel blockers 9.9% 7.7%
   Magnesium sulphate 7.8% 4.9%
   Oxytocin antagonists 1.2% 2.4%
  1. *Countries include Afghanistan, Argentina, Cambodia, China, Ecuador, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.
  2. Source: Born Too Soon report [1]. Data source: Souza et al., 2011. Preliminary results, World Health Organization, Multi-country survey on maternal and newborn health.