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Table 1 Life-saving essential and extra newborn care.

From: Born Too Soon: Care for the preterm baby

Risk for all babies, especially those who are preterm Essential care for all babies Extra care for preterm babies
Hypothermia = low body temperature (increased risk of infections, mortality and for preterm babies increased risk of RDS) Thermal care
Drying, warming, skin-to-skin and delayed bathing
Extra thermal care
Kangaroo Mother Care, baby hats, blankets, overhead heaters, incubators
Cord and skin infections, neonatal sepsis Hygienic cord and skin care at birth and home care practices
Hand washing and other hygiene
Delayed cord clamping
Consider chlorohexifine
Extra attention to infection prevention and skin care
Consider chlorohexidine and emolients
Hypoglycemia = low blood sugar
(Increased risk of impairment or death)
Early and exclusive breastfeeding Extra support for breastfeeding
e.g. expressing and cup or tube feeding, supplemented breast milk if indication Lack of breast milk is a risk factor for necrotizing entereocolitis in preterm babies
Hypoxia = low oxygen levels
(Increased risk of impairment or death for preterm babies, higher risk of RDS and intracranial bleeding)
Neonatal resuscitation if not breathing at birth
Bag-and-mask resuscitation with room air is sufficient for >99% of babies not breathing at birth
Safe oxygen use
Monitored oxygen use e.g. in head box or with nasal cannula, routine use of pulse oximeters
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