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Table 5 Research priorities for reducing deaths and disability in preterm babies.

From: Born Too Soon: Care for the preterm baby

• Standardised, simplified metrics for assessing acute morbidities in premature babies and tools and protocols for comparable follow up of impairment and disability in premature babies
• Biomarkers of neonatal sepsis
• Sensitive, specific identification of sepsis in preterm and other newborns
• Shorter course antibiotics, oral, fewer side effects
• Stability of oral surfactant
• Development of simpler, lower-cost, robust devices (See Table 5.3 for full list)
• Simplified identification of preterm babies in communities, increased accuracy of GA in facilities
• Community initiation of Kangaroo Mother Care
Implementation research to understand and accelerate scaling up of facility based care:
• KMC, including quality improvement, task shifting
• Feeding support for preterm babies
• Infection case management protocols and quality improvement
• Improved care of RDS, including safe oxygen use protocols and practices
• Infection prevention
Implementation research at community level
• Simplified improved identification for premature babies
• Referral strategies
• Feasibility and effect of home care for preterm babies in humanitarian emergencies or where referral is not possible
  1. Source: Born Too Soon, Chapter 5 [113].