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Table 1 Interview guide on lived experiences of women with uterine rupture

From: Lived experiences of women who developed uterine rupture following severe obstructed labor in Mulago hospital, Uganda

Number Issue explored Question
1 Personal characteristics of interviewee Could you tell me all about yourself?
2 History of pregnancy, childbirth and circumstances in which uterine rupture injury occurred Could you tell me about the circumstance of your pregnancy, childbirth and what happened thereafter?
3 Effect of uterine rupture on health in totality (physical, psychological and social well being). Please tell me about your everyday experiences with history of uterine rupture. How do you feel about your current health situation? Probe about physical symptoms, social relations, socio-economic situation, psychological/emotion well being.
4 Impact of uterine rupture on social relationships and livelihood Please tell me all about your social situation since the childbirth (probe for marital relations and social network).
5 Experiences of living as a survivor of uterine rupture Tell me your everyday experiences as a woman with this problem. What challenges do you face as a result of your condition, regarding work, relationship with spouse, friends and family?
6 Coping as a survivor of uterine rupture How have you been able to cope with the condition? What health problems have you experienced since childbirth?