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Table 6 Research activity schedule and description

From: A study protocol: using demand-side financing to meet the birth spacing needs of the underserved in Punjab Province in Pakistan

Activity phase Duration (in months) Activity details
Inception 0-3 Identification of private providers; Service provider assessment (baseline); Recruitment and training of project field staff; Field-testing and finalisation of all research and monitoring tools developed for the project
Baseline 4-5 Small-sample population-based household survey
Service provision & routine monitoring of programme activities 5-31 Provision of family planning services; routine collection, prospective client follow-up, reporting and use of service delivery statistics; data quality assessments; external voucher validation survey (each year); and special qualitative studies with clients, providers and project staff.
Endline 31-34 Small-sample household survey; Service provider assessment (endline); collection/verification of financial data for the cost-effectiveness analysis; data entry and cleaning.
In-depth analysis 34-36 In-depth comparative analysis of baseline and endline data; triangulation with qualitative special studies and services data
Knowledge dissemination 35-36 Research reports; peer-reviewed publications; flyers; briefs; presentation at different forums; other topical dissemination products