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Table 1 Themes and sub-themes identified by the focus groups and individual interviews (phase 1)

From: Development and psychometric evaluation of the Premarital Sexual Behavior Assessment Scale for Young Women (PSAS-YW): an exploratory mixed method study

Theme Sub-themes
Individual predisposing factors  
  Fear of losing boyfriend
  Sexual curiosity
  Discounting the values
  Lack of perceived threat
  Inconsistency between one’s believes and social norms
  Seeking freedom
  Motivational beliefs
  Lack of self-efficacy
Social predisposing factors  
  Different sexual motivation in male and female
  Lack of social support
  Reduction in marriage opportunity
  Modern media
  Generation gap
  Family dysfunction
  Gender-based sexual expectation
  Conservative context and lack of sexuality education
Individual protective factors  
  Perceived susceptibility
  Negative emotions regarding premarital sexual behavior
  Protective beliefs
Social protective factors  
  Observational learning
  Family support and supervision
  Importance of virginity in singlehood