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Table 1 Communication through toll free mobile phone with the CSBAs as reported by CSBAs

From: Toll free mobile communication: overcoming barriers in maternal and neonatal emergencies in Rural Bangladesh

Communication Percentage (n = 27)
Communication for maternal issue 88.7
No communication 11.3
Reasons for no communication*  
For delivery mother went to parents’ house 100
TBA was at delivery 25
Rich mothers go straight to facilities 7.4
No complication 7.4
Who communicated**  
Mothers attended orientation session 85.2
Only family members attended orientation session 25.9
Come at father’s house for delivery 44.4
Heard from relative/neighbor 40.7
Motivated mothers by CSBAs 59.3
Motivated mothers by CSG 40.7
Heard from the oriented participants 37.0
  1. * Multiple response and proportion >5% have been shown in table; reasons included only for delivery period or both antenatal and delivery period.
  2. ** Multiple response and proportion >25% have been shown in table.