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Table 3 Reasons for communication with SLG by CSBAs through toll free mobile phone and benefit of this communications

From: Toll free mobile communication: overcoming barriers in maternal and neonatal emergencies in Rural Bangladesh

Communication between CSBAs and SLG * Percentage (n = 27)
Reasons for communication  
For expert consultation 81.5
Did not know what to do 29.6
To increase confident 40.7
For complication 88.9
Benefitted by communication  
Help to take decision for referral 59.3
Guide to manage the complication 55.6
Increase confidence 55.6
Reasons for not benefitted by communication  
Switch off phone 11.1
Did not receive the call 22.2
SLG called back us in response to our call 7.4
  1. *Multiple response.