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Table 1 PICOS elements of the review protoco

From: Assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs): Evaluation of evidence to support public policy development

Parameter Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
P articipants • Couples 18 years of age and older with infertility  
I nterventions • IVF/ICSI • GIFT/ZIFT
  • In vitro maturation
C omparators • Spontaneous/natural conception Studies comparing different drugs or drug regimens used
• Less invasive ARTs (ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination) • Studies assessing pre-treatment characteristics, such as embryo and uterine preparation techniques or hysteroscopy, or treatment ‘add-ons’, such as preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) or assisted hatching (AH)
• Procedural differences, including:  
- the number of embryo’s transferred  
- blastocyst vs. cleavage embryo transfers  
- frozen vs. fresh embryo transfers  
- autologous vs. donor embryo transfers  
O utcomes Safety: • Studies without any defined clinical outcomes
• Neonatal/infant complications (e.g., ectopic pregnancy, low birth weight, neonatal/perinatal mortality, birth defects, congenital malformations)  
• Pregnancy and delivery complications (e.g., OHSS, ectopic pregnancy, preeclampsia, caesarean delivery, preterm birth)  
• Indicators of cycle success (e.g., number of oocytes retrieved, cycle cancellation, implantation)  
• Pregnancy, miscarriage, live birth  
• Multiple pregnancy/multiple birth  
S tudy design • Systematic reviews Primary studies*
  1. *Primary studies will be included if evidence gaps are identified after review of systematic reviews.