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Table 2 Components of facility level interventions

From: Evidence from facility level inputs to improve quality of care for maternal and newborn health: interventions and findings

Well performing and motivated workforce: includes various strategies to manage and cope with job stress, managing dual practice among healthcare workers, exit interview and any structural or cultural modification in the healthcare environment.

Interpersonal care and social support: These are interventions provided by professionals or non-professionals aimed at improving psychological well-being of patients as well as healthcare workers. Pregnancy, perinatal deaths, childbirth and parenting are some of the specific phenomena that require continuous social support.

Safety culture: Facility based safety culture includes any intervention to enhance the safety of healthcare workers and patients in healthcare environment including hand hygiene promotion, interventions to reduce medication errors and preventive vaccinations for the health care professionals.

Staffing models: These are organizational interventions for staff management including skill, qualification or grade mix, maintaining staff-patient ratios and measures for improving collaboration between two or more health and/or social care professionals.