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Table 3 Quality Assessment Criteria*

From: Limits to modern contraceptive use among young women in developing countries: a systematic review of qualitative research

Aims Clear statement of the aims or research questions of the study
Background Explicit connection to existing theory or literature. Does the study include a comprehensive literature review? Is there sufficient explanation of, and justification for the study focus?
Context Is the context/setting of the research adequately described? Are the circumstances under which the research was carried out reported?
Sampling/recruitment Is there a clear description of the sample, including the size and characteristics of the sample, and how sampling and recruitment were conducted? Are exclusions and refusals accounted for or described?
Data collection Is there a clear description of the research methodology used? This should include description of the means of data collection. Is how, as well as by whom, data collection was conducted reported?
Data analysis Is there a clear description of the data analysis method and process? Again this should include description of how, and by whom, the analysis was conducted.
Data interpretation Is there a clear discussion of the research findings? Does the study present sufficient original data to support the findings, and to demonstrate that these and the conclusions are grounded in the data? Is there clear integration of the data, interpretation and conclusions? Are the study context and sample considered in the findings?
Reliability/validity Is there evidence that the reliability and validity of the analysis has been addressed?
  1. *Adapted from McDermott and Graham (2005) [27].