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Table 5 Limits to use of modern contraceptive methods: themes identified in the papers in the synthesis

From: Limits to modern contraceptive use among young women in developing countries: a systematic review of qualitative research

  Castle (2003) Kiluvia & Tembele (1991) Nguyen, Liamputtong & Murphy (2006) Otoide, Oronsaye & Okonofua (2001) Rasch et al (2000) Richter & Mlambo (2005) Wood & Jewkes (2006)
Misperception of pregnancy risk X
Knowledge of modern contraceptive methods
Reliance on traditional contraceptive methods or abortion X X
Access to modern contraceptive methods X
Concerns over side effects of modern contraceptive methods
Desire of pregnancy/fertility proof X X
Partner influence/control
Unplanned/forced sex X X X X
Social/economic influences and pressures X
Threat to reputation
  1. – Theme addressed in the paper.
  2. X – Theme was not addressed in the paper.