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Table 1 The abnormalities found at a second or third trimester ultrasound

From: Parents' experiences of an abnormal ultrasound examination - vacillating between emotional confusion and sense of reality

Interview No. Ultrasound finding
1. Induced abortion due to kidney dysplasia (lethal) choroid plexus cysts and other small deviations
2. IUFD - Trisomy 18 (lethal)
3. Fetal hydronefrosis - Dilated renal pelvis(treatable)
4. Multiple malformations, hypophysis insufficiency, cardiac anomaly, extra finger, choroid plexus cysts (treatable with and without sequele)
5. Bilateral pes equinovarus (club foot)(treatable)
6. Cardiac anomaly (treatable, can leave sequele)
7. Duodenal atresia (double bubble)(treatable)
8. Cleft lip (treatable with good results)
9. Omphalocele, heart malplacement, echogenic focus in the right ventricle (treatable can leave sequele)