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Table 3 Percentage of pregnant women who visited a healthcare provider during pregnancy by type of healthcare received, by study arm, Follow-up Survey 2002

From: Impact of community-based interventions on maternal and neonatal health indicators: Results from a community randomized trial in rural Balochistan, Pakistan

Indicator Control arm Intervention arms
   Women's IEEC only Couples' IEEC
Number of pregnant women who visited a healthcare provider 622 410 406
Reason for visit*:    
   Prenatal care only 18.7 30.4 26.5
   Illness related with pregnancy 50.2 36.7 43.1
   Illness not related with pregnancy 13.7 8.6 12.0
   To get TT shot or iron pills 13.3 20.0 15.1
Received adequate prenatal care$* 17.9 26.2 25.8
  1. *Differences across sites are statistically significant (P < 0.05).
  2. $Adequate prenatal care is defined as a visit to a qualified healthcare provider solely for the purpose of routine medical check up during first or second trimester of pregnancy.