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Table 3 Birth preparedness among the referrals (N = 140)

From: Male involvement in birth preparedness and complication readiness for emergency obstetric referrals in rural Uganda

†Characteristic Number (Percentage)
Making a birth plan  
Attended antenatal care at least 4 times 132 (94.0)
Had health education on pregnancy and childbirth complications 36 (25.9)
Made a plan of where to deliver from 93 (65.7)
Saved money in case of pregnancy complications 62 (44.3)
Arranged to have a birth companion or attendant during delivery 30 (21.4)
Ro of husband during antenatal care  
Accompanied her 60 (42.9)
Took care of domestic chores when she was pregnant 35 (25.0)
Looked after the children at home 58 (41.4)
Role played by husband during labor  
Provided transport or gave money for transport 65 (43.4)
Accompanied patient to labor unit 96 (68.6)
Stayed home with children 26 (18.6)
Bought baby/s clothes 62 (44.3)
Got some other person to take care of the home during the mother's absence 58 (41.4)
Paying for the costs of transport and hospital care  
Used saved own money 62 (44.3)
Husband provided the money 36 (25.7)
Other relative provided money 42 (30.0)
  1. Key: (†) Respondents gave multiple responses.