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Table 2 Themes identified

From: Psychosocial implications of tubal ligation in a rural health district: A phenomenological study

Area Related to Themes
1. Somatic symptoms Physical symptoms that increased, disappeared, or worsened. 1. Menstrual disorders
2. Backache
3. Abdominal pains
4. Undifferentiated symptoms
5. Pregnancy-related complaints
2. Psychological problems How the psyche of the client is perceived reacting to sterilization. 6. Guilt-regret
7. Fear
8. Disappointment
9. Peace and satisfaction
10. Change of mind
3. Productivity Ability to work and improve living standard 11. Reduced ability to work
12. Improved social standard
13. Decreased expenses
14. Smooth growth of children
15. Dependency
4. Human/relational problem Relationships of the client in the household, extended family, and society 16. Changed libido
17. Unfaithfulness
18. Family support
5. Doctor-client relationships Relationship of doctor-client in decision making and counseling 19. Lack of informed consent
20. Ineffective counseling
21. Unilateral decision