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Table 3 Some contrasts in data

From: Psychosocial implications of tubal ligation in a rural health district: A phenomenological study

I have no peace Vs. After sterilization I had peace, I am quiet
I start having pains in my back during menstruation Vs. Pains have completely disappeared after sterilization.
... am having 2-3 periods per month. Vs. My periods are becoming more regular
I am more often sick Vs. I have come back to life
I am unable to cultivate ... I cannot bend down Vs. No more back pains!
I am often sick Vs. The main change in body is relief
I am not producing anything Vs. At least I can produce what I need to feed all
It's hard to find what is needed for children. Vs. They grow ...; they can eat and study without difficulty.
I was immobilized in bed ... after conception Vs. I am free of being bedridden for months.
I am always ill. Vs. Maintain my health & health of my family
Vs.: versus