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Table 3 Suggested measures for improving Screening uptake

From: Awareness, perception and factors affecting utilization of cervical cancer screening services among women in Ibadan, Nigeria: a qualitative study

· Suggestions on ways that screening uptake can be improved · Increase Awareness of cancer of the cervix and screening through:
  * Media enlightenment as done for HIV it
* Public awareness in the market places
* Government should try to publicize the disease so that people will know about it.
* Increased orientation and awareness by nurses in clinics, use of posters should be made and public campaign should be done so that people can know about it.
* It should be explained to both uneducated and educated people
* Education on cervical cancer should begin from nursery, primary and secondary.
* It should be part of the topics discussed during ANC.
· It should be included as part of the screening procedure for pregnant women when registering for ANC
· Services should be available- clinics, house to house or community based service provision like done for immunization services
· Should be made compulsory