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Table 2 Descriptions given for intimate partner violence against women by themes, sub-categories and selected codes, East Wollega Zone, Western Ethiopia, December 2011 to January 2012

From: Intimate partner violence against women in west Ethiopia: a qualitative study on attitudes, woman’s response, and suggested measures as perceived by community members

Themes Sub-category Codes
Attitudes towards IPVAW Accepting IPVAW Approve, tradition, tolerance of women, community norms, controlling
  Not accepting IPVAW Hair split argument, give advice, sanction, exclude from Edir, no support
Woman’s reaction Tolerate keeping silent, silently live, weep and live, feeling shame
  Seek help Tell, Women’s Affairs, elders, police, kebele leaders, courts, relatives, neighbours
  Leave home Separate temporarily or permanently, divorce, disappear
  Self defense Fight back, beat him, use force, disregard
Suggested measures at various levels Individual level Create awareness on education, economic issue, females right
  Family level Hold discussions on family issue, understand each other
  Community level Change attitudes and beliefs through mass education, school and religious activities
  Society level Raise awareness on legal codes and related services, gender roles, advocacy