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Table 1 The three UN EmOC process indicators and their recommended levels

From: Home birth and barriers to referring women with obstetric complications to hospitals: a mixed-methods study in Zahedan, southeastern Iran

EmOC indicators Description Acceptable level
1. Availability of EmOC Number of facilities that provide EmOC, defined as providing 8 medical services in the last 3 months At least 1 comprehensive EmOC facility per 500,000 people and 4 basic EmOC facilities per 500,000 people
2. Proportion of all births in EmOC facilities proportion of all expected births in the population that took place in an EmOC facility At least 15% of all births in the population take place in either basic or comprehensive EmOC facilities
3. Caesarean section as a percentage of all births Caesarean section as a proportion of all births in the population At least 5% and no more than 15% of all births
  1. Abbreviation: EmOC, emergency obstetric care
  2. Source: AMDD working group on indicators, 2002.