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Table 7 Cost of FP services

From: Assessing predictors of contraceptive use and demand for family planning services in underserved areas of Punjab province in Pakistan: results of a cross-sectional baseline survey

Median cost of FP method Chakwal Mianwali Bhakkar
PK Rupees (US$) PK Rupees (US$) PK Rupees (US$)
Condoms (12 units) 50 (US$0.47) 150 (US$1.40) 130 (US$1.21)
Pills 130 (US$1.21) 30 (US$0.28) 200 (US$1.87)
Injections 55 (US$0.51) 100 (US$0.93) 95 (US$0.89)
IUCD 60 (US$0.56) 200 (US$1.87) 400 (US$3.74)
Female sterilization 1265 (US$11.82) 2000 (US$18.69)
Male sterilization 9 (US$0.08)