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Table 1 A description of tools used and the purpose of each tool

From: Availability, utilisation and quality of maternal and neonatal health care services in Karamoja region, Uganda: a health facility-based survey

  Data collection tool Sample size   Focus of data collection
   Target Achieved  
Facility/ Staffing Facility management 20 20 Management of services; staffing; services provided; EmOC services; availability of registers/cards (neonatal register, delivery register, ANC register, family planning register, etc.); key infrastructure; equipment, consumables, essential drugs; facility statistics etc.
  Midwife or maternity nurse interview - 29 Practice of midwifery skills by midwives/nurses; knowledge on maternal and neonatal care; recent nurse/midwife practice of life-saving skills
Clinical Normal delivery record review 334 337 Assessment of quality of normal delivery practice using indicators of performance.
  Caesarean section record 140 140 Speed of caesarean section efficiency of caesarean section service; quality of post caesarean section care
  Eclampsia record review -- 9 Indicators of good management of eclampsia
  Obstructed labour record review 57 57 Outcomes of obstructed labour
Outpatient Antenatal care exit interview 384 347 Services received by antenatal women on the day of the visit or at any time during the current pregnancy; services received during any antenatal visits; knowledge of warning signs during pregnancy.
  Antenatal client record review 384 332 Services received by antenatal clients: Intermittent preventive therapy iron/folic supplementation, tetanus toxoid administration, insecticide-treated bed net provision, provision of de-worming medication, syphilis test, haemoglobin test, etc.
  Postnatal exit interview 379 215 Length of stay at the health facility after delivery; timing after delivery of postpartum visit; postpartum services provided