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Table 2 Total costs, number of SRH services and unit cost per SRH service in the three youth clinics in 2012

From: Cost analysis of youth clinic network in Estonia

Healthcare service Total costs Services Unit cost per service
STI consultation *€411,000 7,500 €54.80
SRH counselling *€63,000 4,800 €13.13
Contraception consultation *€69,000 7,400 €9.32
Internet counselling €11,000 1,340 €8.21
Sexuality education lessons ††€2,000 1,320 †††€1.52
  1. *Direct EHIF reimbursement payments and allocated overhead costs. Three YCs’ portion of cost of centralized internet counselling services. ††Cost of sexuality education lessons provided by the three YCs. †††Cost per person reached, not cost per sexuality education lesson.