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Table 1 Topics of interview

From: Sexual and reproductive health beliefs and practices of female immigrants in Spain: a qualitative study

To begin, I want you to tell me how was your arrival in Spain, why he decided to emigrate, how about the experience
1. What are your expectations regarding your stay here and return to your country?
2. Have you had experiences of discrimination as a foreigner?
3. Tell me about your working life in Spain
4. How many members of your family are in Spain with you and how long?
5. Have you had any health problems since arriving in Spain?
Now, I'm going to ask some questions about your sex life, how you live the experience of sexuality
6. Do you often talk about issues of sexuality with someone? with who?
7. Tell me about your sexuality, your satisfaction with your sex life
8. Tell me what is typical as to the sex of women in their country of origin. Who decides whether to have sex and why?
9. Tell me your experience with health services in relation to their sexuality, complaint, treatments, etc
10. What should be improved in the attention given by the Spanish health services?
The following questions are addressed to know what their experience with family planning
11. Tell me about the methods of family planning in the country
12. How you access them?
13. What has been used in your country and why?
14. If you use contraceptive methods in Spain, tell me their experience with health services and access methods
15. What does your partner think about contraception?
16. Tell me what is your opinion on who should use contraception in the couple and why
17. What is your opinion on voluntary interruptions of pregnancy?
18. Have you had any experience of abortion?
19. Who performs abortions in your country?