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Table 2 Participant profile

From: Sexual and reproductive health beliefs and practices of female immigrants in Spain: a qualitative study

Name Country Age Educational level Occupation Province of residence Time of residence in Spain Cohabitation and children
Daniela Argentina 31 Secondary school Hairdresser Granada 12 years Couple
Martha Bolivia 34 Secondary school Crafts Toys Granada 8 years Single
Rosmary Bolivia 38 Elementary school Housemaid Málaga 11 years Couple and children
Roxana Bolivia 37 Secondary school Unemployed (child-minder) Málaga 5 years Couple and daughter
Khadija Morocco 43 University Studies Instructor of association Jaén 10 years Couple and children
Nadia Morocco 36 University Studies Student Jaén 1 year Single
Malika Morocco 25 Elementary school Housewife Málaga 5 years Couple and daughter
Samira Morocco 46 Secondary school Employee at the Port Cádiz 8 years Couple and daughter
Aminata Mali 27 University Studies Student Jaén 9 months Single
Blessing Nigeria 36 Elementary school Hospitality Employee Almeria 11 years Daughter and host family
Iman Syria 33 Secondary school Housewife Cádiz 7 years Couple, children and paternal grandparents
Tatiana Syria 40 Secondary school Hospitality Employee Almeria 15 years Children
Kristina Lithuania 43 Elementary school Hospitality Almeria 13 years Children