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Table 2 Accuracy of gestational age assessment by method

From: Assessment of the safety of antimalarial drug use during early pregnancy (ASAP): protocol for a multicenter prospective cohort study in Burkina Faso, Kenya and Mozambique

Method of Gestational Age Assessment Accuracy Correctiona,b,c Accuracy Scaled
Ultrasound before 14 gestational weeks ±5 days 1 (most accurate)
Ultrasound between 14 and 28 gestational weeks ±2 weeks 2
Ultrasound after 28 gestational weeks ±3 weeks 3
Ballard score within 7 days of birth ±2 week 4
LMP ±4 weeks 5
Fundal Height ±6 weeks 6 (least accurate)
  1. a[37]
  2. b[38]
  3. c[39]
  4. dGestational age was be assessed using the most accurate technique available