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Table 1 Quotes from interviews and focus group discussions with clients

From: Mobile Technology for Improved Family Planning (MOTIF): the development of a mobile phone-based (mHealth) intervention to support post-abortion family planning (PAFP) in Cambodia

Related to current abortion
“If we want to have more children, those who go to school must drop out because we have no enshrined money for their study” (age 30, married, two children)
“We do not have enough money yet…my husband stays far away from me…he always goes to province” (age 24, married, no children)
“I discussed with my husband. He said just do what I want to do” (aged 34, married, one child)
Reported previous experience with contraception use
“I wasn’t using it regularly so I got sick because of it…it felt hot inside my chest and I felt exhausted… Thus I changed to condom but difficulty is it enables cervicitis” (aged 34, married, one child, talking about previous experience with OC)
“Because we feel so tired after coming back from the business and we don’t take it regularly or maybe we forget to take it one evening, so we’re lazy” (aged 30, married, two children talking about previous experience with OC)
“Husband heard from a friend that ‘when we use condom a girl can be burned, it is not good for both husband and wife’. So I followed my husband” (aged 24, married, no children, talking about previous contraception use)
Reported factors influencing use of post-abortion family planning
“I am not able to afford any of these methods to prevent pregnancy. If I could afford I would practice the contraceptive method…I think I might wait for my monthly salary” (aged 28, separated, no children, talking about PAFP)
“Not interested in contraception yet…because my health is not so good” (aged 21, married, talking about plans for PAFP)
“She told me a lot but I forgot some because there’re a lot of methods” (aged 26, married, no children, talking about PAFP counselling received)
Reported mobile phone use
“Even when the company sends messages we can’t read and leave alone the messages sent” (aged 30, married, two children)
“I don’t really understand the message in the phone” (aged 34, married, one child)
“My older sister sent a message and I got my husband to read it” (aged 30, married, two children)
“Husband pays bill but never picks up my phone to answer” (aged 26, married)
Views on the intervention
“I think its good because we need contraceptive method to prevent pregnancy, so we need some advice to do this or that” (aged 31, married, no children)
“Such as service is really good…for women and their health and there can be a lot of side-effects if they have frequent abortions…it means they take care of us” (aged 21, married)
“We talk on phone, no-one knows our face…If anyone said that they saw us drive here, they would think that we didn’t come here to discuss but to do something, so if we have this programme I think that its very good…it makes clients reduce the time to come directly” (aged 26, married, no children)
“We are ignorant and cannot read the messages so we leave them we see them, so I suggest talking directly with each other” (aged 30, married, two children)