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Table 2 Provider eligibility criteria - Suraj intervention model

From: Engaging with community-based public and private mid-level providers for promoting the use of modern contraceptive methods in rural Pakistan: results from two innovative birth spacing interventions

• Provider should be female (preferably married) aged 18–35
• Preference was for non-MNCH midwives, however if none were available LHVs or nurses were considered for inclusion
• Provider had at least ten years of education, preferably with science subjects
• Preference if provider was a native and practicing in the same area
• Had more than two years of work experience in FP/RH
• Provider was willing for partnership, expansion of quality services and business
• Provider was willing to be checked for her work, report, audit etc.
• Provider was willing to provide the physical infrastructure to meet the basic needs of a standard FP service Centre such as privacy for clients, proper place for examination, waiting area, enough ventilation and light arrangement and a sterilization area