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Table 3 Changes in patient knowledge (N = 362)

From: Mitigating disrespect and abuse during childbirth in Tanzania: an exploratory study of the effects of two facility-based interventions in a large public hospital

Question Correct Answer Pre-Test Correct Post-Test Correct Percent Change
Any doctor, nurse, or midwife who performs a test on me must ask for my permission first and it is my right to refuse a procedure. True 30.1 57.8 51.8
It is ok for providers to shout at me, scold me, or say rude things while I am in labor. False 88.0 88.8 0.9
It is my right to receive care and attention when I need it from a healthcare provider during labor and delivery. True 96.4 96.2 −0.3
It is acceptable for a health worker to use physical force such as slapping, pinching, or hitting to make me push while in labor. False 79.5 86.9 9.3
It is my right to privacy, so that my body is not exposed to everyone in the hospital. True 68.2 81.9 20.1
It is acceptable for a medical staff person to refuse me services, drugs, information, or help based on my religion, age, ethnicity, or wealth. False 93.4 94.8 1.5
Once a provider says that my baby and I are healthy and ready to be discharged, it is my right to leave the hospital when I want. The hospital cannot make me stay against my will. True 52.1 52.1 0.0
It is my right to ask for any information about my care and health that I need, including my delivery status, the medication and drugs I am given, and my baby’s health. True 95.1 96.7 1.7
When I arrive at the hospital, I should check in at __. Maternity Ward Reception 77.8 88.0 13.0
It is best to sit still and not walk around while I am waiting in the labor ward. False 27.1 44.7 64.7
A provider will tell me when and how to push with the labor pains (contractions). True 89.9 93.4 4.0