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Table 4 RMC Workshop Pre-Post Tests (N = 76)

From: Mitigating disrespect and abuse during childbirth in Tanzania: an exploratory study of the effects of two facility-based interventions in a large public hospital

Question Pre-Test % Agree Post-Test % Agree Percent Change
Provider knowledge
Disrespect and abuse during maternity care is a human rights violation. 66.7 70.3 5.4
It is safer to withhold information from less educated women who may not understand or become confused and distressed. 53.9 44.6 −17.3
Abusive and disrespectful care occurs in low, medium, and high income countries. 49.3 52.7 6.8
Communication is the ability to build a relationship of trust, understanding, and empathy with the client and to show humanism, sensitivity, and responsiveness. 100.0 95.9 −4.1
Confidentiality is important in family planning and reproductive health care, but not in maternity care. 14.5 17.6 21.5
Provider attitudes
I have a good understanding of my clients’ backgrounds. 67.1 91.9 36.9
I am able to empathize with my clients. 89.0 98.6 10.8
Clients are always treated respectfully at the Hospital. 48.6 39.7 −18.4
Clients at the Hospital are satisfied with the care they receive. 34.7 18.9 −45.4
I wish to develop stronger relationships with my colleagues at the Hospital. 92.1 100.0 8.6
I believe there is a need for health workers at the Hospital to improve their attitudes towards clients. 100.0 100.0 0.0
As a health worker, I wish to improve the way I treat clients. 98.7 98.6 0.0
Building a strong and cohesive team of health workers is important for delivering high quality maternity care. 98.7 97.3 −1.4
Provider efficacy and empowerment
As a health worker, it is within my control to provide respectful care to clients. 93.4 93.1 −0.3
If I have a problem at work, I know who I can talk to in order to resolve it. 88.2 91.8 4.1
I have the ability to identify and solve problems in the setting of my work. 80.3 91.7 14.2
I believe my own attitudes can affect the quality of care I provide. 68.4 85.1 24.4
I believe my own attitudes can affect my level of satisfaction with my job. 75.7 83.8 10.7
I believe that change is achievable at the Hospital. 94.5 97.3 2.9
There is nothing I can do to increase my satisfaction with my job. 21.1 10.8 −48.6