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Table 1 Eligibility criteria for LID grant [8]

From: Research capacity strengthening for sexual and reproductive health: a case study from Latin America

• The centre should be a research unit focused on reproductive health (RH) and be part of a university, government structure or a non-governmental organization.
• The centre, should demonstrate the potential for becoming a viable research entity, responsive to national RH needs.
• LID grant applications should have the support of national and immediate authorities.
• Applications ashould preferably be from centres in Least Developed Countries (LDC).
• The centre should provide evidence that it has the necessary financial support structures and essential administrative leadership to implement, the grant proposal
• The centre should have the potential to apply the research findings in RH care and prevention by having established or establishing firm links with appropriate policy-makers and stakeholders as well as SRH programmes and services.
• Recipients of two consecutive cycles of LID grants are not eligible.
• Prospective centres should have, or be willing to establish, acceptable scientific and ethical review mechanisms for research.