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Table 1 Standards from Government of India Implementation Guide for Adolescent Friendly Health Services a

From: Measuring adolescent friendly health services in India: A scoping review of evaluations

Standards Issues covered
1. Availability of specific service package • Dedicated ARSH clinic (Preventive, Promotive, Curative, and Referral)
• Outreach programme for adolescents
2. Delivery of effective services • Adequate manpower
• Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures
• Equipment and supplies
3. Conducive environment at clinic • Location and timing
• Basic amenities
• Privacy and confidentiality
4. Sensitive and non-judgemental providers • Attitude
• Communication skills
5. Enabling environment in community • Sensitization
• Distribution of Information Education & Communication (IEC) material
6. Adolescents informed on availability of services • Signboard
• IEC in school, public places
• Folk and multimedia
7. MIS in place • Recording and reporting
• Supervision
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