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Table 2 Varimax rotated principal component matrix (N = 191)

From: Dimensions of patient satisfaction with comprehensive abortion care in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

1 2 3 4 5
4. The health care provider explained my procedure/care to me in a way that I easily understood. .83     
2. The health care provider didn’t encourage me to talk about all my problems and concerns. (R) .80     
3. The staff at this facility was welcoming and made me feel comfortable with my care. .76     
13. Health care provider seemed to want get read of me as soon as possible. (R) .68     
9. The health care provider didn’t show respect to what I have to say. (R) .66     
8. The health care provider has asked me if I have questions and concerns about the procedure. .58    .48  
1. The health care provider treated me in a very friendly and courteous manner. .56     
11. Health care provider really cares about me as a person. .49    .49  
25. I feel the atmosphere of the procedure room is good.   .88    
5. The Procedure room was not comfortable and attractive. (R)   .85    
12. Health facility is not conveniently located. (R)   .77    
19. Facilities and equipment around the procedure area are not tidy. (R)   .74    
23. The waiting room seats are uncomfortable. (R)   .70    
18. There are clear signs and direction to indicate where to go in the service areas.    .77   
6. The health care provider told me that without using a contraceptive method I could get pregnant again.    .75   
22. Staffs at the reception ease me to obtain all information I need about the service.    .74   
14. Health care provider has not given me enough information about the care so that I didn’t know what to expect. (R)    .68   
17. The health care provider didn’t tell me about follow-up care for when I get home. (R)    .66   
15. Feel enough privacy while being treated.     .81  
24. I feel comfortable that no one could observe from outside during examination and procedure had been done.     .73  
16. I suspect others could listen during counseling and/or procedure had been done. (R)     .63  
26. I did not feel free during examination and procedure since it was interrupted by others. (R)     .57  
21. The health care provider has given me medicine to help relieve pain during my procedures.      .83
20. I am not confident of the ability of the provider who treat me. (R)      .75
7. I doubt that procedure room has adequate medical instruments and equipment needed to provide complete care. (R)      .63
10. Health care providers and their staffs were available during my visit.      .60