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Table 3 Participants’ suggestions to improve how women are treated during childbirth

From: Perceptions and experiences of the mistreatment of women during childbirth in health facilities in Guinea: a qualitative study with women and service providers

Solutions related to the women Solutions at the service provider level Solutions at the health facility and system level
Improve sensitization of women during antenatal care through adequate counselling, to better prepare women for what to expect during childbirth, as well as sensitization on the radio and television, and through sketches and images. Create equity for women accessing childbirth care: effective application of free-of-charge maternity care, to avoid discrimination according to women’s income. Increase the number of qualified and competent skilled service providers: to better plan the activities and offer a quality of care, and to reduce workload.
Create a platform of idea exchange between women, families, service providers, and administrators in order to better address women’s concerns, particularly regarding mistreatment during childbirth Improve the quality of and management of women: conduct training and sensitization programs for providers to better take care women, focused on improving interpersonal skills, coping with stress and effective communication. Improve supply chains to ensure consistent medical and drug supplies: to mitigate delays in receiving appropriate care
  Increase motivation of health workers such as pay-for-performance and improved salaries to encourage them to provide good quality of care. Improve physical resources, including refitting labor rooms and increase the number of hospital beds: to avoid childbirth on the floor and promote privacy and labor companionship.
   Repair the water and electricity supply system in health facilities as well as reinforce hygiene in the unit. Such practices will help to maintain the area clean and avoid requesting women who go there to childbirth to bring water for their needs.