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Table 2 Number and percent of married men who gave correct answer for selected questions about vasectomy; Dangila town administration, Northwest Ethiopia, June – July 2014

From: Educational status as determinant of men’s knowledge about vasectomy in Dangila town administration, Amhara region, Northwest Ethiopia

Knowledge questions

Number (%)

Defined vasectomy correctly

399 (60.8)

Described correctly how vasectomy works

345 (52.6)

Vasectomy is irreversible

442 (67.4)

Vasectomy doesn’t affect sexual desire and performance

229 (34.9)

Time to have vasectomy is when the man wants

511 (77.9)

Vasectomy prevent pregnancy immediately after the procedure is done

153 (23.3)

Vasectomy requires minor surgical procedure

387 (59)

There is no seminal fluid during ejaculation after vasectomy

315 (48)

Vasectomy is done free in Ethiopia

258 (39.3)