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Table 3 Intervention and control clusters

From: A system approach to improving maternal and child health care delivery in Kenya: innovations at the community and primary care facilities (a protocol)

  Name County Sub-County Division Type Subcounty referral facility County referral facility
1 Obekai
Busia Teso South Chakol Dispensary Nambalesubcounty hospital Busia county hospital
2 Kabula (IGAs/CBOs) Bungoma Bungoma South Bumula Dispensary Bungoma county hospital Bungoma County Hospital
Health facilities for Health systems control arm
  Name of dispensary County Sub-county Division Type Owner  
1 Nyaporo Kakamega Mumias East Wanga Dispensary MoH, Kakamega County  
2 Kesses UasinGishu Eldoret South Kesses Dispensary MoH, UasinGishu County  
3 Matunda Trans Nzoia Trans Nzoia West Kiminini Dispensary MoH, Trans Nzoia County  
4 Nyaru Keiyo Marakwet Keiyo South Chepkorio Dispensary MoH Keiyo Marakwet County