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Table 1 Dimensions explored in the interview script

From: Barriers and enablers in the implementation of a program to reduce cesarean deliveries

DimensionAspects to discuss
Factors related to healthcare policy and management• Local policies
• Leadership
• Organizational aspects
• Economic incentives
• Availability of equipment and personnel
Factors related to hospital characteristics• Hospital policies
• Service provision
• Type of infrastructure (care level)
• Culture in terms of care compensation (values, principals)
• Care organization (primary and specialized care)
• Training
• Quality control and risk control
• Communication mechanisms
• Collaboration among departments
Factors related to the motivation and attitudes of healthcare professionals• Medical-legal problems
• Information and support provided to the women
• Aptitude levels
• Acceptance of guidelines
• Strategies used to put the recommendations into practice
Factors related to the women giving birth and their families• Motivations
• Demands
• Perceived needs