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Table 1 Criteria used to define maternal outcomes in WHOGS and WHOMCS databases

From: Management of pregnancy at and beyond 41 completed weeks of gestation in low-risk women: a secondary analysis of two WHO multi-country surveys on maternal and newborn health

Maternal Outcomes WHOGS Database WHOMCS Database
Uterine rupture Women who had laparotomy for uterine rupture or delivered by CS due to suspected/imminent uterine rupture Women with complication of ruptured uterus
PPH Women who had blood transfusion due to PPH or received uterotonics as a treatment of PPH Women with complication of PPH
Severe maternal outcome Women who had experienced in any of death or severe maternal morbidity – blood transfusion, hysterectomy, ICU admission and eclampsia Women who had experienced maternal death or maternal near miss according to WHO criteria [20]