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Table 6 Thematic analysis of responses to open-ended question: What was the worst thing about the care you received during your recent birth? (N = 1015)

From: Assessing quality of maternity care in Hungary: expert validation and testing of the mother-centered prenatal care (MCPC) survey instrument

  Explored by any items in the final survey
1. No consent for interventions / interventions done against my wishes Yes
2. Painful interventions (vaginal examinations, cervix stretching, episiotomy) Yes
3. Doctor/midwife style Yes
4. Hurrying the labor Yes
5. I could not choose a comfortable position Yes
6. They did not help with breastfeeding Yes
7. Lacking information Yes
8. Did not allow support people to be present Yes
9. Problems with prenatal care Yes
10. Hospital condition (room, bed, food, bathroom) No
11. Newborn hospital unit No
12. Children could not be with me No
13. Told home birth was too dangerous No