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Table 1 GFBR meeting format

From: The global forum on bioethics in research meeting, “ethics of research in pregnancy”: emerging consensus themes and outputs

The case studies contained in this Supplement Issue formed the basis of the GFBR meeting and were themed by context: pregnancy specific research, non-communicable disease, communicable disease, and public health emergencies. Each session concluded with plenary discussion and was followed by intense, small group discussion. The small groups comprised geographically diverse participants so each could learn from the others’ experience and point of view. A dedicated session on policy and regulation gave four perspectives on the issue of research in pregnancy: a global view, focusing on the Council of International Organizations of Medical Sciences guidelines on research with pregnant and breastfeeding women, a view through the lens of US regulation, a regional view from Latin America, and a local perspective drawing on the experience of conducting research on the Thai-Burmese border.