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Table 1 Categories and Code Members

From: Thriving in scrubs: a qualitative study of resident resilience

Major Categories
Being a Doctor Central construct; includes thoughts about professional identity, passion for the work, and navigating the boundaries of personal versus professional life.
Background Family, influential early experiences, genesis of decisions to pursue career path
Values Perceptions and expectations of self and others, emphasis on altruism/pay it forward, responsibility, perfectionism, compassion. Reflections on spirituality and religion.
Fuel What drives you? Persistence, self-directedness, planning, positive attitude. Navigating challenges through looking forward to the future as well as backwards with pride in growth. Faith in the universe, reflections on control.
Support System Relationships within and without medicine support from family and significant other. Importance of teamwork and mentors, especially within the residency group itself.
Attention to Self Self-awareness, coping strategies, self-care. Reflection and meaning. Identity within medicine and as “normal people”.
Tensions Values conflicts, difficult clinical material in medicine, tensions within teams and other adversity. Death, end of life, burnout and strategies to attend to mental health.