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Table 3 Estimates of the Prevalence of Severe Maternal Morbidity in North Africa and Middle East

From: A global view of severe maternal morbidity: moving beyond maternal mortality

Article Country Setting Definition of SMM Estimated Prevalencea Leading Causes
Akrawi 2017 [91] Iraq Public tertiary hospital, Erbil City Modified WHO 8.2 Hypertensive disorders, hemorrhage
Assarag 2015 [92] Morocco 3 public referral hospital, Marrakech Sahel et al. 2011 12 Hemorrhage
Bashour 2015 [93] Egypt Public tertiary hospital, Cairo WHO 12.1 Hemorrhage
Bashour 2015 Lebanon Public hospital, Beirut WHO 4.3 Hemorrhage
Bashour 2015 Palestine Public referral hospital, Ramallah WHO 12.9 Hemorrhage
Bashour 2015 Syria University hospital, Damascus WHO 4.5 Hemorrhage
Ghardallou 2016 [94] Tunisia Public tertiary hospital, Sousse WHO 5.86 Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders
Ghazivakili 2016 [95] Iran 13 public and private hospital, Alborz province WHO 4.97 Hypertensive disorders, hemorrhage
Jabir 2013 [63] Iraq 6 public hospital, Baghdad WHO 5.06 Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders
  1. aper 1000 live births