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Table 4 Estimates of the Prevalence of Severe Maternal Morbidity in Asia

From: A global view of severe maternal morbidity: moving beyond maternal mortality

Article Country Setting Definition of SMM Estimated Prevalencea Leading Causes
Bolnga 2017 [96] Papua New Guinea Provincial hospital, Madang Province Modified WHO 25.4 Hemorrhage
Goldenberg 2017 [51] India 18 primary health centers, 3 tertiary hospitals and 8 secondary hospitals Belagavi Modified WHO 28.1b Not reported by country
Goldenberg 2017 India 20 primary health centers, 10 tertiary hospitals and 129 secondary hospitals, Nagpur Modified WHO 4.4b Not reported by country
Goldenberg 2017 Pakistan 47 primary health clinics, 25 secondary care facilities and 3 referral hospitals, Thatta district Modified WHO 81.9b Not reported by country
Kalra 2014 [97] India Tertiary hospital, Rajasthan Geller et al. 2004 4.8 Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders
Khan 2017 [98] India Tertiary referral hospital, New Delhi Geller et al. 2004, Pattinson et al. 2003, ICD-10 14 Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders, anemia
Luexay 2014 [99] Laos Community survey, Sayaboury province WHO 9.8 Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders
Mazhar 2015 [100] Pakistan 16 government hospitals WHO 7.0 Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders, uterine rupture
Norhayati 2016 [101] Malaysia 2 tertiary hospitals, Kelantan WHO 2.2 Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders
Roopa 2013 [102] India Tertiary referral hospital, Manipal WHO 17.8 Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders, sepsis
Pandey 2014 [55] India Medical college hospital, Uttar Predesh WHO 120 Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders, anemia
Purandare 2014 [60] India 6 medical college hospitals Pregnancy-specific disorders.
Pre-existing disorders aggravated during pregnancy, Pregnancy-specific medical disorders, Incidental and accidental causes that occurred in pregnancy
9.6 Hemorrhage
Rana 2013 [103] Nepal 9 tertiary hospitals, Kathmandu WHO 3.8 Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders
Shen 2013 [104] China Private tertiary hospital, Suzhou WHO 4 Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders
Shrestha 2010 [105] Nepal Tertiary hospital, Kathmandu Geller et al. 2004 23.1b Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders
Siddiqui 2012 [106] Pakistan Public tertiary hospital, Karachi Modified Waterstone et al. 2001 77 Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders, uterine rupture
Tan 2015 [107] China 8 hospital, Sichuan province Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders, uterine rupture, interventional radiology, blood transfusions, laparotomy, ICU admission, multiple organ dysfunction syndromes 43.4 Did not report
Tanimia 2016 [108] Papua New Guinea National referral hospital, Port Moresby Modified WHO 9.1 Hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders, infection
  1. aper 1000 live births
  2. bper 1000 deliveries