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Table 1 Description of Variables

From: Overall user satisfaction with family planning services and associated quality care factors: a cross-sectional analysis

Dependent variable Operationalization
Overall satisfaction with family planning services Satisfied/Not or sometimes satisfied
Independent variables  
Measure: healthcare logistics
 Wait time < 30 min/30–60 min/ > 60 min
 Was offered sufficient consultation time Yes/No
 Was not attended to during visit Has occurred/Has not occurred
 Did not receive contraceptive method because is unavailable Has occurred/Has not occurred
Measure: functional value of services
 Did not receive preferred contraceptive method Has occurred/Has not occurred
 Level of satisfaction with current contraceptive method (acquired at clinic) Not or slightly satisfied/Fairly or very satisfied
 The motive for my visit was addressed Yes/No
Measure: quality of interpersonal relations
 Was given the opportunity to ask questions and clarify doubts during consultation Yes/No
 Received sufficient information Has occurred/Has not occurred
 Was interrupted during consultation Occurred a lot/Occurred a few times or did not occur
 Perceived that medical care received was poor Has occurred/Has not occurred
 Was treated respectfully by staff Yes/No
 Was treated kindly by staff Yes/No
 Enjoyed eye contact with staff Yes/No
 My opinions were taken into consideration Has occurred/Has not occurred
 Felt judged by staff Has occurred/Has not occurred
Control variables
 Residential state Morelos/ Puebla/ Queretaro
 Socioeconomic status Low/Medium/High
 Sex Male/Female
 Age < 20 years/20–35 years/ > 35 years
 Marital status Married or in a formal relationship/ Divorced-widowed-single
 Years of formal education < 6/6–9/ > 9 years
 Prior pregnancies 0/1/≥2
 Length of time attending care at the clinic < 1 year/1–3 years/> 3 years