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Table 4 Median scores and interquartile range for responses to questions on experience when using the cytobrushes and p-values from the Wilcoxon signed ranks test for differences in each paired response

From: Preference of specimen collection methods for human papillomavirus detection for cervical cancer screening: a cross-sectional study of high-risk women in Mombasa, Kenya

Question Evalyn Viba p value
Median (IQR) Median (IQR)
Were the instructions on using brushes easy to understand? 1 (1–1) 1 (1–1) 0.08
Were you concerned about using the brush properly? 2 (1–4) 2 (1–4) 0.15
Were you concerned about hurting yourself? 4 (1–5) 2 (1–5) 0.0004
Was the brush comfortable to insert? 1 (1–1) 1 (1–4) <  0.001
  1. (1 strongly agree, 2 agree somewhat, 3 neutral, 4 disagree somewhat, 5 strongly disagree)