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Table 2 Distribution of physical, psychological and sexual violence among pregnant women Gedo, Ethiopia, 2014 (n = 299)

From: The prevalence and predictors of domestic violence among pregnant women in Southeast Oromia, Ethiopia

Domestic violence Frequency Percent
Physical violence
Ever slapped, hit or beaten while pregnant/previous pregnancy 107 35.8
Slapped, hit or beaten in the index pregnancy 62 20.7
Ever punched or kicked in the abdomen while pregnant 8 2.7
Hit with a fist or with something else that could hurt her 44 14.7
Chocked or burnt on purpose 3 1
Threaten with a gun, knife or another weapon 10 3.3
Psychological violence
Insulted by using abusive language 105 35.1
Ignored or shown indifference by her husband/partner 68 22.7
Experienced suspicion or accused her she was unfaithful 58 19.4
Sexual violence
Physically forced her to have sexual intercourse against her will 64 21.4
Ever have sexual intercourse she didn’t want because she was afraid 24 8.0
Anyone ever touched her sexually in a way she didn’t approve 40 13.4
Physical, psychological & sexual violence overlapped 25 8.4
Domestic violence during index pregnancy 107 34.4